THURSDAY 2-20-2020


Last Wednesday, Pricilla was taken to the ER because she was in so much pain.  They discovered that she has gall stones.  She is waiting for the doctors to set up a time for her to have surgery to remove the gall bladder.  Continue to keep her in your prayers.


Peggy has had a very difficult week physically.  At times the pain is so bad that it is making her sick.  Please take some time to pray for God's intervention on her behalf.  Peggy's greatest desire is to serve the Lord and serve others.  Let's join together in praying that the Lord will bring a healing to her body that will give her the strength to be able to do with her heart desires.


David and Kathy have asked that we continue to join their family in prayer for Lisa.  Let's pray that God will give clarity and directions to the doctors on Lisa's behalf.


Continue to lift Danny up in your prayers.  He will be on a heart monitor for a while longer.  Help the doctor's to find out what is causing the dizziness that he has been dealing with.


Sharon is doing better.  She was at church Wednesday night.  She is still sore and has to be careful but making improvements.  Please continue to hold her up in your prayers.


We have not heard how Greg is doing but let's continue to pray for him during his journey to find truth and happiness. 

Several years ago, we were blessed to have Laura McCray and her son Greg attend our church for almost two years.  During the time that they were here, Greg was actively involved in the children's ministries.  He loved quizzing and was so excited about the WORD.  They moved to be near her parents and family and for a period of time, Greg continued to serve the Lord and was even a part of the Praise Team in their church.  In this past year, Greg came to his mom and informed her that he no longer believed that there was a God and began to openly profess that he was an atheist.  Just recently, Greg came to his mom to share his concern.  He acknowledged that he had no joy, he had not feels, he had not sadness or happiness and that he was concerned.  He agreed to speak with a professional counselor.  Laura has made arrangements for him to begin counseling sessions this week with a Christian counselor.  Her prayer request is that her son's eyes will be opened to see, his ears to hear, and his heart opened to receive that God is real, that God loves him, and that God wants to live in his life and bring him the joy he longs for.  Will you join, Laura, this single mom in prayer for her son, Greg, that God will reach his heart.

Please continue to pray for the following individuals:

Papa David (Lanie & Tasha's grandpa who is healing from a pacemaker procedure)

Rick Tate (who cracked a rib while coughing and is slowly healing)

Kennidy Dean (she has started gaining some weight)

Lisa Miles (has an upper respiratory infection)

Melinda Howard's dad (who is recovering from a heart attack)

Melvin Canard's uncle has been put on Hospice.



Lee Ferren

Sarah Perrone, Paul, & Gracie

Clyde & Kay Low

Tiffany Canard Watson

Michelle Redman & family

Peggy Vanderford

Doc, Dusti, & kids

Floyd (Annette's brother)

Marilyn Stewart, (Monica's mom)

Robert McDivitt, (Monica's dad)

Lisa Nance, (Monica's sister)

Michelle Volner (Bit's mother)

Danny Osmon

Melinda Howard's 2 brothers

Barbara Tarter (Dexter's sister)

Denice Choate (church neighbor)

Carolyn (Rick Tate's sister)

Julia Bullock (recovering from surgery)

Rev. Ron Frizzel (cancer)

​Rev. Greg Story (cancer)

Retha Lancaster (recovering from a fall)

If you have a prayer request,

please take a moment to fill out your request

and submit it so that we can post it for you or,

send Ava a text @ 501-230-0063