Please continue to pray for the following individuals:

​​​Lee Ferren - through his cancer journey

Shirley Logdson - due to the pandemic, her surgery was postponed.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if God just took care of things and healed her body of this cancer while she is waiting for the doctors.  Nothing is impossible with God!.

Sarah Perrone, Paul, & Gracie, Clyde & Kay Low - healing from the loss of Mark

Bit & Tiffany Watson & their family

Travis, Jade Canard & their family 

Michelle Redman & family

Doc, Dusti, & their family

Floyd (Annette's brother)

Marilyn Stewart, (Monica's mom)

Robert McDivitt, (Monica's dad)

Lisa Nance, (Monica's sister)

Michelle Volner (Bit's mother)

Danny Osmon

​Rick & Sue Tate

Melinda Howard's 2 brothers

Barbara Tarter (Dexter's sister)

Denice Choate (church neighbor)

Carolyn (Rick Tate's sister)

Julia Bullock (recovering from surgery)

Rev. Ron Frizzel (cancer)

​Rev. Greg Story (cancer)

Retha Lancaster (recovering from a fall)

Rev. Jim and Sandy Sanders, former Greenbrier pastor - as they go through the grief of the loss of their grandson

If you have a prayer request,

please take a moment to fill out your request

and submit it so that we can post it for you or,

send Ava a text @ 501-230-0063