THURSDAY - Nov. 14th


Greg was able to see the doctor yesterday concerning his knee.  The doctor did a thorough exam and concluded there was no damage to his knee!  He encouraged Greg to get rid of the brace and crutches and start putting weight on it.  The only thing that the doctor wants him to do is to continue with the ice packs until the swelling is completely gone.  We praise God for protection and healing!


She shared that her sister-in-law posted online the news that they received from the MRI results.  Kayla's 10 year old nephew, Brayton, who is dealing with cystic fibrosis (CF) is needing a physical touch.  Kayla shared that she couldn't understand most of the report.  But she did understand enough to know the report was not good.  Here is what Brayton is facing.  LIVER:  The Dr. said, "If he were 17 or 18, we possibly would be looking at a liver transplant right away.  But since He's so young, maybe a shunt will work..."  His liver is full of nodules  (they will know more after the biopsy).  SPLEEN is enlarged.  BOWELS are abnormally thick walled; especially in the colon.  STOMACH has a small volume of fluid build up in one of the stomach cavities.  LEFT KIDNEY is displaced. (probably due to the enlarged spleen.)  LYMPH NODES are swollen extensively indicating an illness or infection. PANCREAS indicated several problems and concerns.  BLOOD VESSELS in the lower esophagus near the stomach are swollen because the blood flow to the liver has been reduced.  If they rupture, it can lead to severe bleeding and life threatening complication.  Kayla writes. "I wonder how he can have all of this and never once complain about not belling bad (besides the occasional stomach or head complaint), but then I wonder if he knows what it actually feels like to feel good.  How would someone know if they felt bad if they didn't have anything to compare it to?  I'm not freaking out yet...I'm actually abnormally calm.  I'm just figuring it's the calm before the storm...just wait for it...Just wanted to share for the people following this CF journey...we always share the good.  Here's a glimpse of the brutal truth."  Please hold Brayton, Martie(his mom), Kayla, and the family up in your prayer as they continue this cystic fibrosis journey.  We place Brayton in God's hands as we seek the miracle that can only come from HIM.

Sunday - Nov. 10th


Good morning!  Monica's surgery was a success.  She is able to move her leg again.  That is a huge PRAISE!  The doctors said that it will take months to recover and get the strength back in her left side.  She will be staying at Baptist Rehab for 2-4 weeks.

Monica's dad was released from Oakdale yesterday.  We had to move him into his apartment.  He can hardly walk.  He is not eligible for personal home health care.

Monica's aunt, her mom's sister, fell Friday and dislocated her ankle and broke two bones.  She had surgery.  The had to use metal plates and screws  to put it all back together.

As you can see, Monica's family has been hit really hard. Please continue to lift her family up in your prayers.  And I know Monica would appreciate your prayers for her too.


Greg touched base this morning.  He is getting around but moving very slowly.  He was able to drive this morning to the churches where he preaches each Sunday.  This will be a long day for him and he cherishes your prayers.  Cheryl is still very tired.  She will be seeing the doctor this week concerning her iron deficiency.  I know they will appreciate your prayers throughout the day and this next week.


(Our church neighbor)

GOOD NEWS!  She came home from the hospital this week.  She still needs our prayers as she continues to recover from her surgery.

Friday - Nov. 8th

Good morning!  We received a prayer request and update from Monica yesterday.  She shared that Dr. Redding came in and informed them that he was scheduling her mom for back surgery around 2:00 today.  The surgery will take about 1 1/2 hours.  She will stay in the hospital until Monday.  Then they will move her to an in-house rehab in Searcy for 2-4 weeks.  They were running nerve conduction test on her while Monica was texting this message.  She will be keeping us updated when she can.  Please keep the family in your prayers during this time in their life.

We received word from Monica last night that her mom was moved to Baptist Health.  She is waiting on a neurosurgeon to come in and do a spinal surgery.  The family would appreciate your prayers for her  and the family during this time in her life.

"Greg and I texted back and forth yesterday.  He is in the process of rescheduling his appointment with the orthopedic doctor.  He is moving very slow and  is still unable to maintain weight on it too long at a time.  His greatest concern is that he is the caregiver for his wife and her mother and is having a hard time seeing that their needs are met due to his injury.  He cherishes your prayers." AVA




Just heard from Michelle.  She is feeling a little better.  She has been miserable but had to go to work because there are so many teachers out due to sickness at Beebe.  She is hoping tomorrow that she will feel even better.  Thanks for the prayers!

6:27 a.m.
Two request came in yesterday that I failed to post.  I had asked Peggy how Kyle was doing.  Her reply , "Kyle is still in stable condition.  He is now trying to speak.  The doctors are starting to remove some medical equipment.  He has a long recovery and they still don't have a lot of information about the shooting."  Let's continue to hold Kyle and his family up in our prayers. 
Peggy also shared, "I am still not feeling very well, but hope to, in the near future!  Thanks for the prayers.  Want to get back to church!"  Let's continue to hold Peggy up in our prayers too.
And then last night, after I had gone to bed, a text came in from Lisa Phillips Miles.  She shared, "I am not feeling well this evening and I am in need of some prayers."  We regret that we did not receive this in time to share it with you last night.  But will you remember Lisa this morning and throughout the day.  I know she will appreciate it.
I have one more request that I want to bring before you today.  My brother, Greg, took a serious fall Sunday.  He tripped over something on his porch that caused him to lose his balance and fall off the porch.  He landed on his knee on concrete.  When he got up yesterday, he could not bend the knee.  He ended up in the ER yesterday afternoon.  He has no broken bones or tears but he is headed, today to see an orthopedic doctor.  We give God praise for protecting him to the point that his injuries were not more severe.  However, I know he would appreciate your prayers.
Let's continue to lift up Monica's mom and dad as well as Brother Greg Story, Sarah Perrone & family, Clyde & Kay, Kayla Shown Dean & the baby, Lee Ferren, Kyle & Ananya,  Michelle Redman, and our church neighbor Denice Choate who is still in Baptist Hospital, to name a few.



My son-in-law, Greg, received a call this morning.  His manager from Melbourne was shot.  Greg and his partner left for Batesville.  It was so severe that he was air lifted to UAMS.  His name is Kyle, and a young man.  They had this done this afternoon: 2 surgeries - removed a kidney and some portion of his intestines.  The last I heard (4:00 p.m.) They had not stopped the bleeding.  He and his family and work family need your prayers.  Thank you!

This prayer request just came in from Lisa Phillips Miles.
"I just left the cardiologist.  I have cardiomyopathy.
And I am at risk for sudden cardiac arrest.
They are gonna have me wear a life vest just in case...
until they can place an ICD in my heart.
I'm in need of prayers."​​

If you have a prayer request, please take a moment to fill out your request and submit it so that we can post it for you.