We have had so many prayer request this past week.  Please continue to pray for each of them.

Papa David (Lanie & Tasha's grandpa who received a pacemaker)

Rick Tate (who cracked a rib while coughing)

Kennedy Dean (who is not gaining weigh)

Jim Wilbourn (who is in the hospital with pneumonia in one lung)

Lisa (has an upper respiratory infection)

Joe Pearson's family (Joe passed away this week -from Julia)

Jake Wilf (had test run and waiting for results)

Melinda Howard's dad (who is recovering from a heart attack)



Lee Ferren                                                                      Sarah Perrone, Paul, & Gracie

Lisa Miles                                                                        Clyde & Kay Low

Tiffany Canard Watson                                                    Michelle Redman & family

Peggy Vanderford                                                            Doc, Dusti, & kids

Marilyn Stewart, Monica's mom                                       Roy Craven (Annette's Husband)

Robert McDivitt, Monica's dad                                         Floyd (Annette's brother)

Lisa Nance, Monica's sister                                             Michelle Volner (Bit's mother)

Rick Tate                                                                          Melinda Howard's 2 brothers  

Danny Osmon                                                                  Barbara Tarter (Dexter's sister)

Denice Choate (church neighbor)                                    Carolyn (Rick Tate's sister)

Roy Perkins (Melinda Howard's dad)                               Julia Bullock (recovering from surgery)

​Rev. Greg Story (cancer)                                                  Retha Lancaster (recovering from a fall)

Rev. Ron Frizzel (cancer)

If you have a prayer request, please take a moment to fill out your request and submit it so that we can post it for you.