Our Mission Statement

​"Connecting generations through love, worship, and fellowship; becoming 'One" in Christ Jesus."  John 17:21-23



There is a song that kids love to sing and it is entitled, "My God is so Big".  The motions and the words bring such joy to the hearts of the children.  It goes like this, "My God is so big, so strong, and so mighty.  There's nothing my God can not do...for you!  My God is so big, so strong, and so mighty.  There's nothing my God can not do..for you.  The mountains are His, the valleys are His, the stars are His handy work too.  My God is so BIG, so strong and so mighty.  There's nothing my God can not do...for you."

During this COVID-19, I wonder if the author, the composer of this song were still alive, if he/she would add more words, change up some of them, or put the scribbled pages in a drawer or a piano bench, to be forgotten.  To so many people, this would be a hard song for them to sing.  I can hear one say loudly in my ear, "If God is so BIG, then why is He allowing this virus to continue to destroy so many lives and homes?"

Sickness has been around since the fall of man in the garden.  And when man fell, God was so big, that He extended grace to Adam and Eve, clothed them, and then went with them when they left the garden.  God was so big that when Cain, in anger, killed his brother, He extended His grace, placed a mark on him and was there for him even though he chose to walk away.

God was so big when Moses came to the Red Sea, that He provided a way through the Red Sea, so Moses could to continue to lead His people to the promise land.

God was so big, that He was there to catch the tears of Abraham when he lose Sarah. He was so big that He held Joseph in His arms when he was sold into slavery, put into prison, and then became second in command in the land of Egypt.

God was so big, that He was there when Joshua defeated Jericho, David defeated Goliath, and Elijah won the battle against the Prophets of Baal.

The list goes on and on.  God is so big that no matter what we face, He will face it with not one but all of us.  He is big enough to carry the biggest man or the smallest child and all of their burdens or problems.  My God can help everyone of us be over comers because He is  a great bog wonderful God.

Just recently, a very dear friend from my childhood, that I reconnected with 20 years ago, passed away from complications from the cancer.  Last October, I had the opportunity to hear him share his testimony of how God had been so big in his life during his cancer journey.  As I listened to him, the one thing that kept coming out so strong in his testimony was that he believed, "God was big enough to carry us through good health and bad, a full life and the moment of death,  and through laughter and tears."  WHAT FAITH! It was obvious that God's love relation with my friend Ron was deep and rich.

Just minutes before his death, his pastor walked into his room and said, "How are you doing?" and my friend's reply was, "I will be doing a whole lot better in just a few minutes."  And then, His GREAT BIG GOD PICKED HIM UP OUT OF THAT BED and carried him into GLORY.

Those who continue to live in the flesh and are consumed by the flesh, allowing this fleshy world to control their thoughts, reasons, and lives, question why didn't God heal him.  So many were praying for his healing.  So if God is so BIG, why didn't He heal him?  And my reply to all who ask that question would be, "My great big wonderful God DID heal him!  And while he was healing my friend, He just took him on up to GLORY...because He is God."

​“"Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day." 2 Corinthians 4:16 

Stop and think about it.  My God is so BIG that He has time to walk with me, hold me, catch my tears, listen to me, talk to me, guide me, instruct me, and forgive me when I chose to not follow His instructions.  My God is so BIG that He has time to create a world and still has time for me EVERY DAY!  He doesn't put me on hold, tell me He is too busy, or act unconcerned.  He is SO BIG that no matter what time of the day or night that I need Him, HE IS THERE flooding me with peace that wipes away all my anxious fears.  And His grace is there for me every moment of my journey.  And someday, when I am old and my body has wasted away, My God, who is so BIG, will come and pick me up and carry me to my forever home with Him too.  Why?  Because He can!  Because He is that BIG!

How big is God in your eyes?  Big enough to help you face whatever you have to face?  Heroes become heroes because we decide in our heart that they deserve to be honored.  If God is not so BIG in your heart, could it be because you have not fallen in love with Him to the point that He has become your hero that you honor, love, and adore every day of your journey? 

I guess I can sum it up this way: no matter what I believe or what you believe, it does not change the truth, "God is Big enough for all of us and all of our life's trials, battles and fears.  He is waiting for us to invite Him into our daily lives so we can see just how big He really is.  And He desires this, not because He wants to show us just how BIG He is, but to show us how much He loves us!" 

"How big is God? He's big enough to rule this mighty universe...yet small enough to live within our hearts."  Who could ask for anything more.