June 11, 2020

Thank you for checking on our church families and committing to pray for their needs. "Our Daily Prayer Request" is a new added feature to our webpage.


Shared a special request - her sister had to go in for a procedure on her sinus this morning.  They had a hard time getting the needle to go in her vein.  The good report is that God answered prayer.  They got the needle in, the completed the procedure and she is doing good.  The family thanks you for your prayers.


Update on Neicie, Joyce's sister... Yesterday they replaced her pace maker.  Later this week, she will have the surgery to replace one of her heart values.


Touched base with Peggy and she shared that they are waiting for the Pet Scan.  Tina wants to be sure the cancer isn't anywhere else.  She will be seeing a surgeon in Little Rock.  Peggy feels she is handling everything well.  She will have to have a double mastectomy and chemo will not be easy.  But if they can get all this cancer, it will be worth it.  Tina and Greg have such great faith.  Please continue to hold Tina up in your prayers.


We received word today that Sharon, the wife of Galen Mason, former pastor on our district, left this morning for the Mayo Clinic for tests this week.  And then next Monday, she will be have heart surgery.  Please keep Sharon and Pastor Galen Mason in your prayers.


Let's continue to hold Sharon up.  She had a small procedure yesterday.  We have not heard how she is doing.  Please continue to hold her up in your prayers.  When we get news, we will pass it on.

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